Rules & Grading 2014

VPA Rules for 2014

Piobaireachd – All Grades are to play tunes from the VPA 2014 Set List only!

In 2014, both Light Music Elements will be played one after another in the same room.

For example, once a player have completed Element 1 to Judge A, they will re-tune and play Element 2 to Judge B. Players in Novice & D Grade only, can elect to be tuned by a tutor.

Please Note: All competitors and Judging officials are to wear Highland Dress when in competition and when collecting prizes. Prizes revert back to the Promoter if not claimed in person by the competitor on the day of Competition or if the Competitor is NOT in Uniform.

There will be NO exceptions.

Pipers can only play up a Grade if they have already won a competition in their registered Grade in that season. They then must Submit different tune/s from their own Grade in both Light Music and Piobaireachd. This is to ensure that pipers wishing to play up into a higher grade are not merely playing and submitting the same tunes, but have actually placed some effort into preparing for the competition.

Pipers are only permitted to play in their specified Grade at the Victorian Championships
Please Note : If you are Graded A, B, C, D or Novice in Light Music. It does not necessarily follow that you are Graded the same in Piobaireachd
There is no relation to Light Music Grading and Piobaireachd Grading.

All VPA Grading and membership of the VPA takes effect as of 1st January 2014 and is applicable Australia Wide.

Light Music Grading.

The following members are graded from Novice to D Grade

Liam King
Stacey Riches
Ben Field
Thomas Cameron
Erin Russell
Daniel Whelan

The following members are graded from D Grade to C Grade

Chris Chong
Liam Irving
Alastair Graham
Cameron Webb

The following members are graded from C Grade to B Grade

Tom Perry
William Sincock

The following members are graded from B Grade to A Grade


Piobaireachd Grading

C Grade to B Grade – Imogen Akers (Winner of the Bronze Medal 2013)


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