A Short History of the VPA.

In 2003, the general feeling from pipers around the State of Victoria, particularly those actively competing, was that solo competitions required a more adequate system of scheduling, rewards, grading and overall logistical efficiency. It thus became apparent, that a new system needed to be created to better accommodate the piping fraternity. The purpose therefore was to form an independent, non-profit organisation that is a central point for administrating solo piping events in Victoria. After many years of conducting solo competitions, the Victorian Highland Pipe Band Association recognised the VPA’s initiatives and success. As a result of this success the VHPBA ceased to offer solo piping competitions in support of the VPA scheduled events as of January 2004.
Our aim is to “promote and develop the playing of the Great Highland Bagpipe at solo level to the highest possible standard.”

Through the Victorian Pipers Association (VPA), our agenda is:

Solo piping competitions in Victoria would be offered by the VPA. This does not preclude solo piping competitions from being held outside of the VPA’s concerns although such events would not accrue championship (aggregate) points.

The administration and minimum requirements of solo competitions would be laid out in a clear and concise document to guide promoters. This allows players, judges and the audience to look forward to a well-run competition.

A provisional contest schedule/season would be constructed consisting of several events during the year. At least 5 contests would be held between May and October. The purpose of a season, is giving members convenient notice regarding dates and venues. These would be posted at the commencement of each year. The VPA would also promote other organisations running more competitions and/or events external of the VPA. The proposed competition guide would perhaps make such events more achievable.

One competition, during the ‘season’ would be the VPA Victorian Solo Piping Championships. It would attract more prizes and a title in addition to regular aggregate points (Including Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals for Piobaireachd).

The number of competition elements per grade would be increased. This would allow players to compete more than once in a day as well as aid players in working towards a higher level of performance.

Grading would be applied on a performance base. Annual re-evaluation and continuous monitoring would be the responsibility of the VPA committee of which, competing pipers would have the majority vote. An internationally recognised grading system would be adopted.

Prize money or prizes, would be introduced for all competitions as set out in the VPA’s competition guide.

At the conclusion of the competition season the aggregate winner of each grade would we awarded ‘Piper of the Year’.

The VPA would also endeavour to hold recitals and workshops that would be run during the year.

Like many pipers across Victoria, founding members of the VPA enjoy Bagpipe music especially performed well. The VPA endeavours to foster new talent, expose youth to the worlds best pipers and create a positive environment for Bagpipe music to be enjoyed. By these implementing these initiates, our local pipers can aspire to new heights

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